Jesus Villate

Jesus Villate, Chief Executive Officer, Latin America (Spanish Speaking Countries)

Jesus Villate serves as the CEO of Laureate Latin America, Spanish-speaking countries. As CEO and member of
Laureate’s Executive Committee, Mr. Villate supports our institutions in the region to prepare them for new
strategic and technological challenges, working with executive teams to manage growth plans and long-term

“I firmly believe education is the most effective social mobility tool today, helping to change the lives of
millions of students and their families. Being a part of this process provides not only an unparalleled professional
experience, but also makes you a better person.”

Mr. Villate has served in multiple executive positions in Laureate over the past 15 years, including Vice President
of Business Development for Latin America, President and CEO of Instituto Profesional AIEP in Chile, and CEO of
Laureate for the Andean and Iberian regions, among others. During this time, he helped consolidate each of the
institutions under his guidance as leaders in their segments, as well strengthening their operational and academic
position to achieve local and regional distinction.

Mr. Villate holds a degree in economics from Universidad del País Vasco (Spain) and an MBA from the University
of Notre Dame. Prior joining Laureate, Mr. Villate served as Managing Director of MCI Inc. (now Verizon) for
Southern South America.