What is Laureate’s mission?

Laureate is an international community of universities that encourages learning without boundaries. Our purpose is to offer higher education with a unique multicultural perspective, and prepare our students for exciting careers and life-long achievement. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.

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When was Laureate founded?

Laureate was founded in 1989 as Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc., a provider of a broad array of supplemental and remedial educational services. In 1999, we made our first investment in global higher education with our acquisition of Universidad Europea de Madrid.

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Where is Laureate’s corporate headquarters?

Laureate is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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What is Laureate’s fiscal year?

January 1 – December 31.

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Where does Laureate have schools?

We have students enrolled at multiple institutions, primarily throughout Latin America. You can find the full list here.

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Why is Laureate a Public Benefit Corporation?

Our stated public benefit is firmly rooted in our company mission and our belief that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit. Becoming a public benefit corporation underscores our commitment to our purpose and our stakeholders, including students, regulators, employers, local communities and stockholders.

You can learn more about our PBC status here.

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What is a Public Benefit Corporation?

Under Delaware law, public benefit corporations are required to identify, in their certificate of incorporation, the public benefit or benefits they will promote. In addition, their directors have a duty to manage the affairs of the corporation in a manner that balances the pecuniary interests of the stockholders, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation’s conduct, and the specific public benefit or public benefits identified in the public benefit corporation’s certificate of incorporation.

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What is Laureate’s ticker symbol? Where is its stock traded?

We’re traded under the ticker symbol LAUR on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

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When did Laureate go public?

Laureate first traded on Nasdaq on February 1, 2017.

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Where can I find Laureate’s current stock price?

You can find our current stock price here.

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Does Laureate pay a dividend?

We currently do not anticipate paying any cash dividends for the foreseeable future. We expect to retain our future earnings for use in the operation and expansion of our business.

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Where can I find more information about IRS Form 8937?

  • For the October 2021 Distribution, here.
  • For the December 2021 Distribution, here.
  • For the October 2022 Distribution, here.
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Where can I find more information about the tax treatment for the October 2022 special cash distribution and the November 2022 special cash dividend?

You can find more information here.

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Who do I contact with questions about transferring my stock?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC

Operations Center
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

(800) 937-5449 or (718) 921-8124


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Company Inquiries

Where can I find corporate news releases?

Our press releases are located here.

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Who serves on Laureate’s management team?

You can learn about our management team here.

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Where can I find corporate governance information?

You can find it here.

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When will earnings be announced?

Earnings information can be found here.

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How can I submit an investor inquiry?

For investor inquiries, please contact IR.

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Where should I go for a press inquiry?

For press inquiries, please contact

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